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Are the seats that are on special offer of the same quality as "custom-made" ones?

Yes, of course. They are exactly the same products.

The special offer seats are available at more attractive prices than "custom-made" ones simply because they are manufactured not upon individual request, but in anticipation of future demand, i.e. through low-volume productions that enable us to make cost savings. And obviously, we would like you to benefit from such cost savings; hence the promotional offers.

The other major advantage of these special offers is that the seats are all in stock. Therefore, we can dispatch them by the next working day at the very latest.

I like seat No. XXXX that is on special offer, but I would like to have it in a lowered shape and without any inscription. Is this possible?

By definition, seats that are on special offer are not seats that can be made to order (read the reply to the first question). They are seats that are already in stock, ready to be dispatched just as they are.

Therefore, in order to meet your needs, you should not consider seats on special offer but use the seat design module to order a seat with the exact characteristics that you desire instead. Of course, the price will not be the same as that of seats on offer.

Another way of taking advantage of a promotion - with no 100 % guarantee of success - would be to subscribe to the mailing list of special offers for your motorcycle model and, in this way, hope that sometime or other, one of our offers will feature a seat that meets your requirements. Please be aware that such an offer may appear the following day ... or never!

Must I provide my original seat if I buy a seat that is on special offer?

It all depends:

At the most, if you choose the "You lend me a base" option that may be suggested when you add the product to your cart (this is not available for certain motorcycle/scooter models), then you must send us your original seat AFTER receiving the new Top Sellerie one.

With the "I buy a base" option - which could be the only option available for certain motorcycle/scooter models - you do not have to provide your original seat.

Finally, some promotions involve Designer style covers or Simple seat covers accompanied by a note that says "cover only"; this means that only the cover will be supplied and that you will be responsible for stapling it onto your original seat by yourself.

Do the seats that are on special offer come "complete", i.e. with a base?

In most cases, yes, but there are sometimes "cover only" offers, meaning that you have to staple the cover onto your original seat by yourself.
In which case, it would clearly be stated that there is a "cover only" and "no base" (in the basket).

What does the crossed out price refer to in your special offers?

It refers to the price that you would have to pay if you were to order a "custom-made" seat with the exact same characteristics as the one on offer, using the seat design module.

Why can't I add the seats presented in the left-hand column to my cart?

Strictly speaking, these are not products that are "available for sale", unlike the promotional offers displayed in the right-hand column of the website, but are simply some examples of recent completed orders, which you can zoom into to view characteristic details (click on the image of the seat to get to the enlargement page)*.
If you select these same characteristics and options in the seat design module, you will obtain an identical seat at the same price as that of the examples, which you may then order if you wish.

Many of these examples may have been recent promotional references that were in stock and readily available at the click of a mouse at much more competitive prices than those obtained using the "custom-make" process. Some of these references may possibly become available again sometime as part of our promotional offers. If you wish to keep up with the current offers without the hassle of having to check our website everyday, just subscribe to the mailing list by typing in your email address in the appropriate field in the right-hand column where promotions are displayed.

(*) However, please note that the photos for some older or less common motorcycle models may come from our previous website and can only be enlarged to a limited extent, without the possibility of zooming into great detail. These should therefore be taken as examples from which your own "custom-made" seat may be inspired.

What is a "mailing list"? How does it work?

Mailing lists offer you the possibility of being automatically informed by email of new promotions for your motorcycle or scooter model on our website.

How it works is very simple:

  • Once you have selected the make and model of your motorcycle/scooter (drop-down menus at the top of the page), you will have access to an entry field in the right-hand column of the page
  • enter your email address in this field (check that the email address you provide is correct, otherwise you will not receive any emails on special offers ;-)) and click on go
  • you will then receive a confirmation email for your subscription to the mailing list for the motorcycle model that you are interested in
  • for as long as you remain subscribed to the mailing list and if we do have new offers for the motorcycle/scooter model you are interested in, you will continue to receive emails informing you of such; a link allowing direct access to the page of offers is provided in these emails. Note that such emails informing you of new promotions for your motorcycle/scooter model are sent at precisely the same moment as the publication of the first offer of the day pertaining to your model.
  • you may unsubscribe from the mailing list at any moment by clicking on the unsubscription link provided in the email that confirmed your subscription, or in any of the promotional emails you might have received.
Oops! I entered the wrong motorcycle model when subscribing to the mailing list ...

Click on the unsubscription link provided in the email confirming your subscription and start over the subscription process on our website, making sure that you select the right motorcycle/scooter model this time ;-)

I subscribed to the mailing list of special offers for my motorcycle model but I haven't received any emails announcing special offers since ....

There may be several possible reasons for this:

1/ You entered the wrong email address:
We have had several cases of wrong email addresses being entered in the past and as a result, no promotional emails ever got to the absent-minded recipients. To find out if this is your case, try to subscribe once again by entering your email address correctly; if your email address was correct the first time round, a message indicating that you are already on the mailing list will appear. If you are one of the absent-minded ones who entered the wrong email address the first time, the message that appears will indicate a new subscription and you should receive a confirmation email (which, technically speaking, you wouldn't have received the first time because you gave the wrong email address).

2/ Our emails are being blocked by you:
Some of our promotional emails do not reach their recipients because of certain inbox user settings, e.g. "anti-spam" systems that require senders to confirm the sending of an email to a recipient for the first time. Since promotional emails are sent out automatically from our web server and therefore do not involve any "human" operation, such technical obstables directed at incoming messages cannot be overcome and so you never receive these emails.

To prevent such technical problems, which are often inherent in the computer network configurations of many companies, make sure that you subscribe to our mailing list by entering (if possible) an email address that does not involve such subtleties in the retrieval of mail: ideally, use a "personal" address (if you have one, that is), which has been configured from your home, rather than a "professional" address whereby the retrieval of mail relies on the company network.

3/ Our promotional emails have been classified as "spam"
Always check all the emails (whether in Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, Messenger, Lotus Notes, etc.) that end up in the "spam" box owing to "spam" filters offered by many anti-virus software products or email services before deleting them. You might just find our promotional emails there ... ;-)

4/ Maybe there just weren't any promotions for your model!
If all of the above don't apply, the only possible reason for not having received any promotional news is that we simply haven't had any offers for your motorcycle or scooter model since your subscription.
We strive to offer promotions on as large a range of motorcycle/scooter models as possible, but please understand that this also depends on the law of supply and demand: models that boast a high number of mailing list subscribers are more likely to be featured in special offers than less common or older models that have fewer mailing list subscribers. If this is your case, you might have to consider ordering a "custom-made" Top Sellerie seat instead.

I have been receiving emails on special offers but when I click on the link that should take me directly to the page for my motorcycle model, I am informed that there is no offer available ...

You can be sure that when the email on special offers was sent to you, at least one new promotion would have been published on the website in the course of the day. But one or more subscribers on the same mailing list might simply have reacted more quickly than you ;-)
Note that with many popular motorcycle models, there are tens - or even hundreds - of you throughout the world who are subscribed to the same mailing lists, which means that the few seats on special offer may be snapped up almost immediately after online publication.

Important detail: even if you have just been directed to a page that says "No promotion available", try refreshing the page ("Refresh" icon in your browser or the "F5" key) in the following minutes and hours, since recent publications of special offers may simply have been added to the carts of other website visitors, which prevents you from visualizing these offers, but does not necessarily mean that any transactions have been finalized. Note that if a visitor does not finalize a transaction within 20 minutes of adding a product to his/her cart, the product can once again be visualized on screen and therefore become available for purchase by other visitors.