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[Seats] Shape options (lowered, raised, etc.), Gel, seat heaters

What do the "raised", "lowered", "short" and "long" shape options refer to?

Raised/lowered ("Deluxe seats" and "Designer style seat covers"): this means that the height of the driver's seat is raised by about 3 cm, or conversely, lowered by about 3 cm, with respect to the standard driver's seat height (corresponding to the height characteristics of your original seat).
The height of the passenger seat is never affected.

Short/long ("Deluxe seat" only): along these same lines, it has to do with the positioning of the backrest between the front and rear seats of the saddle, in that it may be shifted forwards or backwards by about 3 cm, so that the driver's seat may be shorter or longer than in the standard form of the Deluxe seat. The total seat length is never affected in any case.

Drivers of all builds will be able to choose from one or all of these options depending on their needs, e.g. in order for their feet to touch the ground comfortably, or for them to sit closer to the handlebars or further away from the petrol tank.

Does the "lowered" shape affect the level of comfort significantly?

Not significantly, but a little nonetheless, which is inevitable since the foam thickness for this option is about 3 cm less than that of standard foam. The primary aim of this shape option is to enable the feet of certain drivers to touch the ground comfortably in the stationary position. The sacrifice of a little comfort is therefore inevitable, but is of secondary importance.

On the other hand, a good compromise consists in choosing the lowered shape and adding Gel to the front seat; the additional comfort that comes from the Gel compensates for the reduction in foam thickness.

Does the addition of Gel affect the seat height?

No it does not, and this applies to all the seats that are delivered as a complete set. The reason for this is that we cut into the foam in order to incorporate the Gel pocket.

However, please note that if you order "simple seat covers" with Gel, this means that you will have to staple the cover onto the original seat on your own, and will therefore be simply placing the Gel pockets on the foam in the process. Consequently, this will indeed raise the seat height by 15 mm since the Gel pockets will not be fitted within the foam itself (which, incidentally, we do not recommend as you might damage the foam from the lack of experience and appropriate tools).

What is "Gel"? Does it provide any extra comfort?

Gel comes in the form of a sealed 15 mm thick pocket of silicone that occupies the horizontal part of the seat. For all orders of complete sets of seats - i.e. in which we install the cover onto the base - the Gel pocket is fitted into the layer of foam and shows through the latter.

Used extensively for many years now in saddles (bikes, etc.) and having proven its worth in this area, the additional comfort that it provides is undeniable, especially in long-distance uses.

The silicone does not undergo permanent deformation and regains its original form once it is no longer subjected to the passenger's weight.

The Gel option proves very useful for lowered seats as it compensates for the reduction in the comfort level brought on by the decrease in foam thickness.

And what if I don't opt for Gel?

With "Designer style seat covers", you will experience the same comfort provided by your original seat since the foam will not have been reworked.

With "Deluxe seats", on the other hand, even without the Gel option, the comfort obtained will be incomparably superior to that of the original seat because about 2 cm of the original foam layer will have been replaced by a new layer of foam that is much softer; plus there is the additional comfort offered by the backrest between the two seats.

Can you tell me more about "seat heaters"?

This option features the seat heating technology developed by a famous German motorcycle and car brand ;-)

It is this exact same product that will be installed in your seat. The technology involved is highly reliable with no risk of losing any heated zones over time.

The heated zone corresponds to the horizontal part of the seat.

The temperature rise is very rapid (you can feel the heat in a matter of seconds) and temperatures of up to 42 °C can be reached.

The operating switch offers two heating intensities.

Note that this option is perfectly compatible with the Gel option.

I have a seat heater on my BMW; what happens if I order a deluxe seat or a designer style seat cover, and wish to provide the original seat?

In this case you should not choose this option on our website since we will obviously reuse the existing seat heaters in the original seat, which in any case are identical to the ones that we provide.

How do I install a seat with seat heaters?

It's very easy: there are just 2 wires that must be connected to the battery and a switch (just one, even for two heated seats) that you can fix anywhere you like on the fairing. Installation instructions will be delivered with the seat if you have chosen this seat heater option.